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A Witch's Poison

A witch’s poison could be her downfall.

Before she was helping Atalanta fight witches, Bridgette, a house witch, lived a quiet existence hidden away in a cottage on the outskirts of New Meadows. But her peaceful life comes to a halt when she meets Artemis, a witch huntress, who is determined to kill her. 

Racing for her life, Bridgette never stops to consider another witch could hunt a Captrix until Artemis is attacked and poisoned outside her door. Against her better judgment, Bridgette rescues Artemis, but they put their shaky ceasefire to the test to pursue a dangerous witch together. 

Bridgette works her magic to help Artemis track the witch, driving her to a treacherous edge where she can transform into the evil they are hunting. A threshold where she must ask herself if trusting an enemy is worth risking turning into the monster she has fought not to be her whole life. 

“A Witch’s Poison” is an urban fantasy short story set in the Captrix Chronicles world that explores the theme of trust through the point-of-view of fan-favorite character, Bridgette. Readers can read it before or after The Midnight Huntress.

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