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  • How many books are in The Captrix Chronicles?
    Currently, I have four books planned: The Midnight Huntress (2021), The Broken Huntress (2023), and The Risen Huntress (Coming 2024). If you become a member, you can also read a free short story from Bridgette's POV.
  • What is The Captrix Chronicles reading order?
    1) The Midnight Huntress 2) A Witch's Poison (short story free to members) 3) The Broken Huntress
  • How did you come up with the idea of witch creatures?
    The idea with witch creatures started with a question to myself like most of my work begins. I asked, "What if witches became consumed by their talent?" From there I came up with how their own power would corrupt them. Their witch creature names come from using Latin words.
  • Can I get a signed paperback?
    Of course! I live in the coastal GA region and sign paperbacks locally all the time. If you are not local, feel free to send message me on social media or fill out the contact me form to see if we can work something out. I currently ship throughout the USA using media mail. Another option is to purchase a signed bookplate from my merch store here.
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