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The Midnight Huntress

Atalanta never wanted to be a witch huntress, but you don’t say no to the family business.

Atalanta Capp has spent her entire life watching her family of witch hunters die at the hands of witches, dreading the day it would be her turn to continue the family legacy. She dreams of running away, instead of studying how to hunt and kill witches. A decision that causes her to botch her first hunt and almost die. To make matters worse, a group of twisted elemental witches kidnaps her mother, leaving incompetent Atalanta to be the only person who can save her.

With the help of her mother’s best friend and a guy she barely knows, Atalanta must become the huntress she never wanted to be to solve the mystery of her mother’s kidnapping and rescue her.

But the deeper Atalanta gets into the world of witches, the harder it becomes to leave her huntress duty behind to escape her family’s legacy of premature demise. A legacy her mother will follow if she’s too late…

The Midnight Huntress

The Broken Huntress

Atalanta never wanted to be the reason for her friends’ suffering, but you can’t lie your way out of rock bottom.

Six months have passed since the swamp battle, and Atalanta Capp is not well. Consumed with guilt and grief, she’s plagued with terrible nightmares, has broken up with Tristan, and is lying to her closest friend. In order to mend her strained relationships, Atalanta agrees to attend a house party to meet Tristan’s friends and consequently his new girlfriend. The fun-filled night takes a turn for the worst when she finds herself fighting an undead witch from the past. 

When Bridgette and Tristan don’t believe that witches are rising from the grave, Atalanta forces herself to put her grief and heartache aside and use her huntress skills to unravel the mystery in order to prove she is not losing her mind. As she gets closer to the truth, bodies with devoured souls start piling up, forcing Atalanta to confront the demons of her past that keep making her remember how she failed her mother, herself, and her friends. 

But when a witch gets too close to killing a new friend she wants to care about, Atalanta realizes her greatest fear is true—she still can’t protect anyone. However, if she doesn’t learn to forgive her mistakes and trust in her Captrix talents, more people around her will die, and this time, Atalanta won’t be able to recover…

The Broken Huntress
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